The Kennels

Our Kennels are purpose built to the highest standards, each kennel having access to it’s own exercise area.

Whilst staying with us we will look after your dog as if it was our own.  Our canine guests are walked twice a day either individually or together if they come as a family group. This allows the staff and dogs to have individual time on a one to one basis, and also time to assess the health of the dog.

There are a variety of sizes of kennels so we can accommodate dogs of all size. We also have kennels designed for families of dogs to share, so your dogs don’t have to be separated.

When the temperature falls – our doggy guests each have their own infra-red heat lamps to ensure their comfort.

We carry a wide range of feeds, and can match most proprietary brands with similar feeds.  If your dog needs to remain on a specific feed or a prescription diet we are happy for you to bring your own food when you bring your dog to stay.  We usually feed twice each day, but if you request a different regime we are happy to oblige.

Drugs and medications including injections present us with no problem and will be administered as you request.  All we ask is that you give us clear instructions as to what drug to give when and by what route, and that the drugs are clearly labelled.

We have a strict policy on vaccination, for details click on the vaccinations tab.

We like to think of ourselves as the number 1 kennels and cattery in the Keighley area, welcoming animal guests from all over Yorkshire and other parts. The kennels themselves are set in a idyllic location overlooking the vale of Keighley & the Worth Valley Railway. You are of course very welcome to visit us for an inspection before making the important decision of where your pets will stay while you’re away. We’re sure that after inspecting our facilities, the decision will be made.