Boarding Kennels Tariff

All charges per day or part of day.

If you have multiple animals and wish to share, the tariffs below indicate the discount given.


  Single Two (Sharing) Three (Sharing)
Small £15.00 £25.00 £35.00
Medium £16.00 £27.00 £38.00
Large £17.00 £29.00 £41.00

Winter Heating Supplement for dogs (where applicable) £1.00 per night.

Cattery for the Cats:

  Single Two (Sharing) Three (Sharing)
Small £9.00 £15.50 £22.00

Small Animals:

£5.50 per cage/hutch per day + £1.00 per additional animal sharing

If you have any further questions or would like a quotation, please contact us